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How to find the right desktop search products for your needs

For those that have been searching high and low (no pun intended) for the right windows desktop search products to make their digital lines a bit easier, you’ve no doubt discovered that there are a seemingly endless amount of options available.

Most modern-day operating systems even come with their very own desktop search, though few (if any) are robust enough for power users or even those just looking to manage their digital files more efficiently.

Luckily, when you pay close attention to this quick guide, you should have no trouble whatsoever finding the right products for your needs. These are the kinds of details that you need to look for, the kinds of features that you should be taking advantage of today!

Do you need a desktop search solution, organization solution, or a mixture of the two?

Before you can get any desktop search solution that fits your needs, you need to determine exactly what those needs are going to be.

Do you just need a solution that can search the entirety of your computer in an instant to find the files you are hunting, or do you need a tool that can also organize and structure your files at the same time?

These are similar solutions for sure, but different software will give you different results. That’s why it’s so important you outline exactly what your expectations are before looking at desktop search products.

Look for desktop search products that aren’t resource intensive

Another critical factor in your purchasing or download and installation decision should be how resource intensive your new desktop search solution ends up being.

The last thing that you want to have happen is to suffer any degradation in the speed or functionality of your machine just because you have installed new software – something that happens more frequently than most would like, however.

There are certainly a number of lightweight desktop search products out there, but you’ll need to make sure that you’ve done all of your research and due diligence to find them.

Consider open source projects like Google Desktop before spending money on desktop search products

Google Desktop is one of the more potent and powerful products out there, and is also 100% free of charge. The only flip side is that Google will (like they always do) use this service to collect anonymous data and information about you and the files on your computer – which may not be a trade-off that you are willing to make.

Even still, it’s something that needs to be considered.

Operating system integration is critical

No matter which desktop search products you decide to move forward with, it’s vital that you get something that will give you tight integration into your current operating system. Whether it’s a Windows machine, OS X machine, or any of the Linux/open source operating systems out there, you need to know that your desktop search solution is going to be tightly woven into your operating system for maximum efficiency, speed, and accuracy.


About British Columbia Golf Museum and Library

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The Building

The building of the British Columbia Golf Museum and Library was actually the original clubhouse that was built by the University Golf Club during the 1930s. It was in the year 1989 that the building was converted to a museum.

Aside from featuring those significant golfing events in history, the museum and the library also feature golf clubs which dated back to the 1700s. It also features golf bags used by the golfers before and on the library, you get to read bios of more than a thousand famous golfers that were based in British Columbia, along with information on each and every single course that has ever existed on the province of BC.

Golf Course Histories

One of the most interesting information that you get to learn when you visit the British Columbia Golf Museum is the history of the golf course. It is unfortunate to know that even the most avid fans of golf are not familiar with how the golf course and the clubhouses started.

In BC, the first ever clubhouse went through a fire which destroyed some of the buildings within the golf and country club. In order to prevent the same thing from happening, the British Columbia Golf House has decided to maintain and guard the museum. Right now, there are more than 70 binders along with clippings and photos that can be found on the museum and these things are proof of how the golf courses started in the province.

The first ever golf course in British Columbia is actually at Jericho Beach and was built in the year 1892, and that’s just one of the most interesting information that you will learn at the British Columbia Golf Museum.

Preservation of History

Only a few golf courses these days have hired a team or a committee who will be responsible for the collection and the preservation of the golf course’s history. This is the case with Vancouver Golf Club as well as the Point Grey Gold and Country Club. These two golf courses have their wonderful histories well preserved.

In fact, the Vancouver Golf Club has just celebrated its centennial in the year 2010. The Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club has also celebrated their centennial anniversary just this 2013, along with other golf courses in Vancouver, BC, such as the Qualicum Beach Memorial Golf Club and the Royal Colwood Golf and Country Club. The Qualicum Beach Memorial Golf Club has also hired a committee that works hard at preserving their history and has contributed some of it to the British Columbia Golf Museum and Library.

Founder of the BC Golf House

One of the founders of the BC Golf house, Dick White, along with Bill Bains, spent a considerable amount of time in piecing together the bits and pieces of information that contribute to the history of the Beach Grove Golf and Country Club and because of their efforts, a history book has been made. In fact, it was already published and much of the research for that book was done at the British Columbia Golf Museum and Library.

When significant dates of the history of golf would come around, it is always interesting to have a resource that you can call upon that will serve as the basis for such historical information. That is actually one of the reasons why the BC Golf House was established.

A Unique Golf Legacy

The British Columbia Golf Museum is actually the only independent golf museum and library in North America. The museum displays a wide collection of clubs that dated back to the year 1790, as well as golf balls and golf bags, which are truly interesting especially for golf lovers. Just imagine a golf club that can be adjusted, both the length and the loft. That’s something that you don’t normally see nowadays. All of these are right on display at the museum.

If you want to explore more and spend time in learning the history of golf in BC, you can stay at the library to read more than 5,000 volumes of collectible books all dedicated to golf. You will also find here some reference books and other general title books. There are fifty categories of collectibles that you will find on display in the museum.

Keeping Records

The most important role of the British Columbia Golf Museum is to actually keep and maintain records and this is why its library is filled with information about every golf course that has ever existed in British Columbia. The library also houses the biographies of more than a thousand golf players who have made history on some golfing tournaments that took place in more than 25 years.

The museum is also home to the Golf Museum Hall of Fame and their main mission is to collect, research, display and preserve the history of golf as well as the information on the most popular golfers in the province of British Columbia.

It is not difficult to find the British Columbia Golf Museum if you ever get to visit the Vancouver. The museum is being operated by volunteers so it is best to phone ahead if you are planning to visit. The building is situated right at the edge of the University of BC Endowment Lands, right at the intersection of Blanca and West 10 Streets.

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BCGolfMuseum Introduction

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A slice of history
Come discover the fascinating history of golf in British Columbia from the early beginnings through to the the modern game. The BC Golf Museum, established in 1987, is a registered nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of golf history in British Columbia.

Our mission
To research, preserve, protect and actively display the rich heritage of golf in the province of British Columbia for the people of British Columbia.